Flynn Update V1.1 is HERE!

Flynn: Son of Crimson Update, Flynn and Dex going for walkies

Hello Thunderbabies! We interrupt your Wednesday to bring you something we know a lot of you have been waiting for… The new update for Flynn: Son of Crimson is ready to go on all platforms! ? 

What can you expect in the new Flynn: Son of Crimson update?

This update brings a few things we think you’ll love:

Hero Mode

Restart your adventure with all acquired weapons and learned skills! Once you’ve grabbed that juicy 101% completion, Hero Mode is yours to enjoy.

Difficulty tweaks

After taking on board some feedback from all you lovely people, we’ve made Easy mode easier and Hard mode…well…harder! We hope this will bring players a much better experience and create the right amount of challenge for each and every player.

Quality of life improvements

We’ve also made lots of small adjustments to the game to smoothen out your experience. (Bugs were squished)

Not grabbed Flynn: Son of Crimson yet?

If you’ve not gotten around to playing the game yet, it’s  available right now on PC and consoles. Links below!

PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Xbox Game Pass
Nintendo Switch

Humble Games

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