2021 Overview: An Explosive Year For Studio Thunderhorse!

2021 overview, Flynn looking into the distance

We can’t quite believe another year is over. This year in particular has been one of the best in our developer journey. Bringing Flynn: Son of Crimson to you all has been a dream come true. We want to start by thanking everyone who has stuck by us since our Kickstarter days, as well as those new players who have grown to love Flynn as much as we do. You’re the best!

We wanted to put together a quick 2021 overview to share a few of our highlights over the past year:

We released Flynn: Son of Crimson

Of course, the main highlight of the year was seeing the game we’d spent five years working on released on PC and consoles. After so much hard work, there’s been nothing more rewarding than seeing so many of you play and love the game. It’s so humbling and there will never be enough ‘thank yous’ in the world to express our gratitude. (But THANK YOU!)

In case you missed it for any reason or you completely forgot about it (life, we get it) you can grab it right now on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

We even released our first major update for the game at the start of the month! This update includes some bug fixes, improved difficulty settings and the long awaited Hero Mode!

The Flynn OST

SO many of you loved Flynn’s soundtrack. So much so that it only made sense to make this available to you guys! Jacob Lincke worked his magic to perfect the sounds for each level in the game and now you can listen whenever you feel the urge. Perfect. You can get it right now on Steam or Bandcamp!

Flynn made it to Xbox Game Pass day one

It was announced during the Xbox livestream at Gamescom 2021 that ten indie titles from Humble Games would release on Xbox Game Pass on day one, which of course included Flynn: Son of Crimson! Having the game available on Game Pass has introduced the game to so many new players and it’s gone down a treat with the Xbox community. (Again, we are THRILLED!)

We welcomed Emily as Community Manager

Emily joined the Thunderhorse team for the launch of Flynn, and she’s really gotten stuck into sharing the Flynn love. We’re grateful to have someone dedicated to the community side of things, allowing the rest of us to put our all into game updates and plans for the future! If you’ve reviewed the game, plan on streaming or if you’ve created any type of content that you want to share with us, Emily is your gal! You can connect with her on Twitter.

What next?

So many of you have asked what’s next for Studio Thunderhorse. The truth is that we can’t talk about that… yet. The best we can do is to tell you to follow us over on Twitter to get updates first. 

There’s plenty to see from us in the future. Keep your eyes peeled in 2022… ?

Once again, thank you to every single one of you that has supported Flynn! Huge thanks also to our publisher, Humble Games, and to the Thunderhorse team for all their hard work in bringing Flynn to life.

Happy New Year!