How long did it take to create Flynn?

Development of the game started late 2016, so around 5 years (including QA, porting, translating and marketing).

When was Flynn: Son of Crimson published?

The game was published on September 15th 2021 through Humble Games.

Which Engine is Flynn made in?

Game Maker Studio 2.

Which platforms can I get Flynn on?

The game is available on Steam, PlayStation, XboxNintendo SwitchGOG and Humble.

Is Flynn: Son of Crimson on Game Pass?

Flynn left Game Pass in September 2022 after being available for a year since its release.

How long is Flynn: Son of Crimson?

Around 6 – 10 hours on average, maybe more if you’re a trophy/achievement hunter!

Is Flynn: Son of Crimson a metroidvania?

No, but the game does have some metroidvania elements. We started out by creating more of a metroidvania style game that placed you in a huge sprawling world, traversing all the nooks and crannies of Rosantica. We ultimately had to drop this idea to allow for better level design based around a level by level progression system.

Is Flynn your first game?

Flynn: Son of Crimson is our first major title, but we have 2 other smaller games on iOS Appstore; Samurai Blitz and Raccoon Rascals!

Is Flynn: Son of Crimson a sequel?


Can I record/stream footage of the game on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch?

Yes, we’d love to see you do that! Please read through our Content Creator Guidelines.

Does Flynn: Son of Crimson autosave?

The game automatically saves when you reach the Crimson Shrine at the end of each level.

How do I save my game in Flynn: Son of Crimson?

The game automatically saves once you visit the Crimson Shrine at the end of each level.

How do I upgrade my weapons and skills in Flynn: Son of Crimson?

Save those Crimson Gems, they’ll come in handy once you meet Loretta!