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Tighten your sandals and sharpen your thumbs for an endless, action-packed slash n’ dash arcade-style adventure!

In Samurai Blitz, dash your way through 8 beautiful pixel-drawn environments whilst slicing and dicing as many enemies as possible. Chain together combos to receive bigger and better rewards from each enemy you slay, but watch out for the projectiles coming towards you, they hurt! The further you run, the harder it will become, although the rewards will be much more fruitful as chaining combos becomes a key element in staying alive.

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In Samurai Blitz, take on 40 challenging quests with greater rewards the further you get. Once you’ve mastered and completed every quest, restart them in a tougher advanced mode that offers double the rewards!

Achievements are fun too right? There are over 30 in here to keep you busy for a long while, some of them even offer some neat rewards!

Buy new katanas, scrolls, pets and much more from the market to power up your runs however you see fit. Losing too many hearts? There’s a katana for that! Finding it hard to jump over pits? There’s a scroll for that too! Choose wisely, equip smartly and decimate ruthlessly.

2 bonus games that reward coins and fancy equipment if you’re lucky. Can you find and free poor P.B.?

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